Update v1.5 - 新年快乐!

Hello fellow adventurers!

Not only is this our first update for Passing By in 2021, but the Lunar New Year also arrived a week ago! To join the celebrations, here's a surprise for you: We are very excited to announce that Passing By is now available in Simplified Chinese! We'd like to give special thanks to our translator Horace (@qsefthuopq) for his amazing work, and hope you'll have lots of fun with this new version!

我们很高兴宣布 Passing By 现已支持简体中文!非常感谢 Horace (@qsefthuopq) 对此的大力支持,希望你们能享受新版本带来的乐趣!

What's new?

Please note that you won't be able to continue your v1.4 save game with this version.

  • Added full Simplified Chinese localisation
  • Introduced a VSync toggle in the settings menu
  • Item drag&drop actions are now canceled automatically when the game enters dialog mode or a cutscene
  • Fixed some instances where hotspots in caves and buildings could be interacted with from outside


Passing By (Windows) v1.5.zip 76 MB
Feb 19, 2021
Passing By (Mac) v1.5.zip 79 MB
Feb 19, 2021

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Amazing :) Really cool effort you're making for your game post-launch!


Thank you Paul! The itch.io community is really awesome! We never thought of having the game translated in so many different languages and there are still a few in work right now :)


what about portuguese?

Coming this week! :)