Update v1.7 - Bon Voyage!

Salut, chers voyageurs!

Summer is finally here, and we have a fresh new update for all of you to cool down: Curly has made a tiny summer trip and returned home with some brand-new language skills under their hood! Thanks to our lovely translators, you can now enjoy Passing By in French. Aside from that, we have also prepared a few refreshing bug fixes to enhance your experience.

So, what are you waiting for: grab your ballon ship and enjoy the summer breeze in style with this new update! On y va!

What's new?

  • Added full French localisation
  • For stacked items, the game now saves which one of them was currently selected in the inventory. This is especially relevant for gas bottles connected to the balloon ship's tank (thanks, @a474356)
  • Improves the detection of Curly's movement direction for vertical level triggers
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Curly to end up swimming in the air in the "Cogwork Mountains" level
  • Music and sounds now fade out more gracefully before the game is reloaded
  • Curly now takes off their shoes before going to sleep in their hammock


Passing By (Windows) v1.7.zip 73 MB
Jul 16, 2021
Passing By (Mac) v1.7.zip 77 MB
Jul 16, 2021

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