Update v1.3 - Was het varkentje!

Hello fellow island dwellers!

"het varkentje wassen" is a Dutch idiom that literally translates to "washing the piglet". But it means "getting the job done" which is what we did: Here's a new update for you!

The Dutch localisation for Passing By is finally complete! A huge dank je wel goes to our diligent translator Ben Klomp! Additionally, this update introduces new control presets to make the game more accessible for left-handed players. But even if you don't speak Dutch (yet) and aren't left-handed, downloading this new version might still be a good idea: Thanks to your detailed bug reports, a lot of pesky bugs were squashed as well!

We've also entered the scary territory of issues that could not be reproduced on our end yet. For now, we took a few guesses and improved some things, but we can't be sure whether we actually fixed these problems. So, if you encounter any issues, please reach out to us at our new support address: studio-windsocke.help [at] posteo.de. It would also be tremendously helpful if you could attach your save game and player log to your e-mail: These files are called journey.save and Player.log and can be found in <User>/AppData/LocalLow/Passing By/Passing By/ (Windows) or <User>/Library/Application Support/Passing By/Passing By/ (Mac).

Again, thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to leave us a comment, whether to report a bug or to provide us with general feedback. Please keep them coming and don't forget to hit the "rate game" button!

What's new?

Please note that you won't be able to continue your v1.2 save game with this version.

  • Added full Dutch localisation
  • Introduced three new controls presets (accessible via settings menu):
    • IJKL for movement (with U for interaction)
    • Arrow keys for movement (with E for interaction)
    • ESDF for movement (with R for interaction)
  • Fixed an unfortunate oversight that caused islands to respawn a lot further away from the balloon ship than they were supposed to
  • The underwater sound state no longer remains active when the game reloads after Curly has died underwater
  • Fixed a few design issues on the Isle of the (Broken) Hearts:
    • The dialog with Cecilia in the windmill can now be started again if it wasn't automatically triggered for some reason or if it was accidentally canceled by the players. We've also made the automatic trigger less likely to be missed (thanks, @chickadee123)
    • The trapdoors in the caves now automatically close again after a few seconds. This way, players can no longer get permanently trapped behind an opened trapdoor (thanks, @flashofhorizons)
    • Players are no longer able to push the crate in the left cave on the slope so it cannot be tipped over anymore (thanks again, @flashofhorizons)
  • Players are no longer able to cancel automatically started interactions by jumping or interacting with another object
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game unloading routine to be triggered twice which may have been responsible for making it freeze
  • Fixed a rare character control lockup when the elevator in The Shattered Palace level started two camera sequences at the same time (thanks, @MrHiTech)
  • Clicking the item context menu's background no longer closes the menu which makes misclicks less annoying
  • Fixed some cases where no clouds would be spawned after reloading the game in the Beach or Mountains biome


Passing By (Windows) v1.4.zip 70 MB
Dec 06, 2020
Passing By (Mac) v1.4.zip 76 MB
Dec 06, 2020

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